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India is in extreme poverty since they cannot meet their basic needs to live. They are homeless and they do not have access to education, much less to information. All this adds to the serious cultural crisis. Women and girls are unaware of the various products and significance to health during menstruation. The sanitary pads are easily disposable and are made of some sort of chemical as chlorine, polyacrylates and plastics. Doctors even prefer to make use of organic sanitary pads which are free of chorine. The sanitary pads are convenient, breathable, sophisticated with good absorbency in comparison to all other products and do not impact skin with irritation, allergies and cramps. We together need to put an end to this.

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Contributions do not necessarily have to be monetary as we accept donations of
clothing, food items, and other items that would be of use to those who are
unable to afford it.
You can help spread the word. Donate to our cause as we, one mouth at a time,
one person at a time, attempt to put a smile on hard bitten faces and quell the
hunger pangs of children.

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